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09.24.2019 - Google Customer Review

They are great people to deal with drive from GA to get the van he described was just like he described Great bussiness

09.06.2019 - Facebook Customer Review

Bought a great used Lexus from Tony and Dorie. Highly recommend them.

08.24.2019 - CarGurus Customer Review

Tony & Dore were wonderful to work with!! I would do business with them again and I have been recommending them to my Friends. I'm very happy :)

08.20.2019 - Facebook Customer Review

I bought a Great Car at a Great Price from Great Folks! Many Thanks Tony and Dore!!

08.14.2019 - CarGurus Customer Review

Tony is a great guy to deal with. Tons of integrity. Honest as Alabama is hot in the summer. Highly recommend him.

08.11.2019 - Google Customer Review

Got a great deal on a great car. Eazy paper work. Very friendly, nice place to do business. Would go back anytime. For those still looking I can only say, PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN!! The variety of cars there were amazing. Just take a look in person.

07.25.2019 - Google Customer Review

Tony and Dore are great to work with. They had a car I was interested in, but they were out of town. They worked it out for me to go see the car and even take it for a test drive while they were gone. I ended up dealing with them, and now the car is in my driveway. Totally no hassle, easy transaction, and a great deal. If you are looking for something in particular, they will do their best to find the car you want at a price that will make you happy. Definitely will see them again for my next car purchase.

07.08.2019 - Google Customer Review

We bought a Subaru Impreza from Mr.&Mrs.King for our daughter first car and she loves it. Its a great little car and will be doing business in the future. Thank you Mr&Mrs King!

06.05.2019 - CarGurus Customer Review

The guy I talked to was really nice and answered all my questions about the vehicle.

05.14.2019 - CarGurus Customer Review

Very informative and courteous

05.08.2019 - Google Customer Review

Great company. We got the vehicle we wanted for the price we wanted. Mr. King over-performed for us. My wife called him with a list. He checked back on it several times. We got the deal of a lifetime.
Hassle free paperwork. My wife told me she felt very comfortable when dealing with this company. If she's hapy them I'm happy. She will send them lots of business as will I.

05.07.2019 - CarGurus Customer Review

Not your average used car dealer. You can see that by the way they run their business.

03.21.2019 - Google Customer Review

Purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer. They both were very nice and accommodating. If you're looking for a good used car and friendly honest service, this is the place to go.

03.19.2019 - Google Customer Review

Great Service no hassle

03.16.2019 - Google Customer Review

"Incredible integrity ... Fabulous pricing ... You won't be sorry!"

02.12.2019 - Cars.com Customer Review

This is the second car we have purchased from Auction Trades.  Let me say what a pleasure it was working with the staff at Auction Trades.  They went above and beyond to work with me on finding the right car, and more importantly the right purchase options.  They even let me put down a down payment with no purchase date known, just that I wanted the car.  What impressed me most was other potential buyers asked about the car I wanted, and instead of selling it out from under me, they said it was sold.  I will definetly buy from them again in the future!

02.10.2019 - Google Customer Review

We were treated super nice. I would buy many more from this place .The people are down home and don't smother you like other car salesman do . If you are looking for a good used car the only place you need to go to is auction trades .You won't be sorry.

01.03.2019 - CarGurus Customer Review

Fantastic Family to work with! We didn't end up purchasing a vehicle, needed to wait until after Christmas Holidays. We put a deposit on a car that was non refundable. What a great New Years gift to see the notification that the deposit was returned to my bank account!!! The owners truly care about the business and it's customers. We will definitely do business with them again!

12.2018 - Google Customer Review

They really take good care of their customers. Good family business providing quality at a fair price.

10.23.2018 - Google Customer Review

I wanted a car that was under $4K and found a number of high potential candidates at Auction Trades LLC. I settled on a Saturn VUE and have been extremely pleased with it! This dealership ‘gets it’. They buy right so they can offer good equipment at great prices with genuine care. I am grateful to the Kong’s every day as I sit high, ride smoothly and feel great about my Saturn!

10.10.2018 - Cars.com Customer Review

Great folks to work with! Great experience. I would highly recommend them.

09.26.2018 - Google Customer Review

Tony is honest and worked with us. Keagan bought his first car.

08.18.2018 - Google Customer Review

Great experience! Right car, right price, just right service. Very pleased and will be back. Thank you Tony.

08.17.2018 - Cars.com Customer Review

Saw what I wanted advertised. Called and got salesman right away who said he would hold until I got there, about a thirty minute drive. Much appreciated. The car was all as advertised and more. Right car, right price, just right service. We’ll be back.

08.16.2018 - Google Customer Review

The best car buying experience I have ever had! Highly recommended.

08.06.2018 - Google Customer Review

Great family run business. Honest people who are patient and willing to work with you. Loved working with them to get my car!

06.2018 - Google Customer Review

I bought a used Toyota Corolla from Tony. He told me the car was a great running car with nothing wrong with it. He said he changed the seals on the valve cover gaskets, so I took the car to express oilchange and to confirm he changed it. The car ran six days and the motor went out. I informed Tony and he told me he didn't care and that it's my problem now and he doesn't have to do anything. I told him $3011 was too much money to spend for a car that ran a week, Tony informed me that he did not care to hear anything else about it. Make sure you get the car fully checked because this place is very dishonest, they will tell you anything to get your money.
Response from the owner:
This was a great running car and had a few hundred miles put on it before Ms. Martin purchased it. She made her vehicle purchase after a test drive and after we agreed to let her take it to a mechanic shop of her choice for an inspection which she paid for. As unfortunate as this is, it is the down side of this business as no one can predict the future of a mechanical machine. This is why we offer extended warranties. Ms. Martin did not purchase a warranty because she stated she was comfortable with the results of the inspection. Although we do understand, we are sorry her opinion of our dealership is based on the unpredictable nature of a mechanical machine.

05.10.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review

I was in a desperate situation when I purchased my vehicle. I started a new job and needed transportation. I purchased a 2000 volvo S80 it drove well. After I purchased it all kinds of dash lights popped on . Everything from brakes to tires to engine to air bags to no oil pressure. I never bought a car on my own, being a widow it was a new experience for me. I still can't open trunk, without a key. I would NOT recommend my friends to this dealer.
Response from current dealership:
This customer is correct that the car drove well. It was a good car. She was happy with her extended test drive and subsequent purchase to our knowledge. Regardless, we offered her the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty and she declined. To us, as dealers, it is not uncommon to expect to have to deal with a few lights on the dash when dealing with used cars but it can be overwhelming to the average person. Usually they are simple fixes. Although it is understandable, it is disheartening that her opinion of our dealership seems to be based on the unpredictable nature of a mechanical machine

05.06.2018 - Facebook Customer Review

Great people to deal with, definitely worthy of your business.

04.30.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review

Extremely courteous and helpful. Unfortunately the car sold before I could get there. He was over an hour away from my house and I wanted my mechanic to check the car. They were willing to drive the car up here but could not due to thunderstorms.

04.14.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review


04.11.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review

I had a great experience I will purchase from there again!!!

03.27.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review

They replied back quickly as possible..They was so nice.

03.14.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review

Contacted me quickly Very courteous

03.13.2018 - Facebook Customer Review

The best experience I’ve ever had buying a used car!! I love my car I got from them and I love it even more that it is in good working condition and it’s not breaking down on me!!! I definitely recommend them!!

03.04.2018 - Facebook Customer Review

Nice & friendly people to do business with! No hassle and my 18 year old son drove off smiling in a really nice car!

03.03.2018 - Facebook Customer Review

Best experience we have ever had purchasing a vehicle.. Very nice people and will be back when in the market again.

02.14.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review

Good experience loving the car.

01.26.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review

Bought it!! Great guy!!

01.26.2018 - CarGurus Customer Review

One of the BEST experiences we have EVER had purchasing a vehicle..Will use them again!!!!

11.27.2017 - Facebook Customer Review

Honest and easy to deal with. No hassle, and have a good selection to choose from.

10.16.2017 - CarGurus Customer Review

I bought the car and it is a great deal. Thank-you.

10.05.2017 - CarGurus Customer Review

Very nice & professional

09.10.2017 - CarGurus Customer Review

Good Experience

08.31.2017 - CarGurus Customer Review

This is a very good place to look for your next car.

08.07.2017 - CarGurus Customer Review

The dealer contacted me quickly via email.

07.2017 - Google Customer Review

Quality pre loved automobiles at a fair, affordable price. Family owned and operated. Professional customer service that looks out for the clients best interest.

06.29.2017 - CarGurus Customer Review

They were quick to respond to my questions

04.2017 - Google Customer Review


03.20.2017 - CarGurus Customer Review

Tony and Dore are fabulous people. Very nice to deal with. Would recommend them to anyone for the used car buying experience.

01.27.2017 - Facebook Customer Review

I just bought a 2004 Jaguar from them. The service with the purchase rivals with top end luxury car stores. I had a delay in the purchase and the King's went out of there way even bringing the car to my wife and I in Huntsville. I've been around the car business since I could walk from sales, service to recycling and this place is a rare find, I'll be back again for sure.

10.05.2016 - CarGurus Customer Review

Good dealer. Responded promptly to my request for more info. Made buying from them easy!

08.19.2016 - CarGurus Customer Review

I have to say overall the price was excellent, $2800 below book value!They have Great Cars at a Fair Price!

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